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Anger Management
September 13, 2019
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September 14, 2019

Your presentation should be between 12-15 minutes long (not including questions). Please be mindful of the time as I will need to stop you after 15 minutes due to the number of presentations.A few comments on the presentation . . . nearly all students use Powerpoint, and that tends to load well in BIgBlueButton in Canvas. Sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t, a .pdf typically works – so you may want to save it both ways. Also, sometimes the text overflows a little more once the slides are uploaded – so I wouldn’t cram too much close to the margins.You must provide a handout for the class – it can be on outline of your presentation or anything else you think useful. There is a discussion thread in Canvas for you to post the handout so everyone in the class can access it. 75 percent of your score will be based on the coherence and completeness and of your presentation and 25 percent will be based on your participation in class discussion of others’ presentations – either during class or via Canvas discussion board. There will likely not sufficient time for all the questions during class, so please post your questions in the discussion thread that the presenter posted their handout within 24 hours.

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