Propmore Corporation

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September 13, 2019
Rhetorical Analysis
September 13, 2019

HR Case Study
This is a decision-focused case. The objective is to apply human resource management principles to the situation described in the case. The decisions must be based on relevant employment laws, ethics and a sense of overall fairness.

Please discuss the following questions in detail using the information in the case. Cite any outside references that you used to confirm or clarify your position.

1. Should Don have talked with Bob Peters about Jane’s allegations? As a manager, what is the first step he should take?

2. Is the Propmore Corporation responsible for this incident even though Bill Smith is not one of its employees? What moral responsibilities and obligations does the company have to Jane?

3. What is the significance of the “informal zone” that Don found in Jane’s personnel file? Should he place credence in it? How should this information be used in appraising Jane’s current allegation?

4. What significance should Don attach to the information he received from Mr. Stewart? Should he place credence in it? How should Don use the information in appraising Bill Smith?

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