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September 13, 2019
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September 13, 2019

For Your Week 4 Discussion Threads:
Please pick one of the articles to read that are listed at the bottom of the screen. (The web links are in blue.) It may help to read several articles to figure out which one interests you. Then, answer one of the following questions, whichever you think best matches the topic of the article(s) you pick. OR: Start with a question that interests you most, then read at least two article that gives you information to answer that question.
1. Prenatal testing: Better to know, or better to not know?
2. Modern times and easily available heredity tests: Who are you, really?
3. Modern science and pregnancy: Take advantage of it, or are the “old ways” better?
4. These days, is there “too much information” about pregnancy and childbirth, or not enough?
5. Should governments get involved in encouraging or discouraging people to have babies?
6. Who should be responsible for healthy pregnancies, individuals or society?
7. Does money “talk” even when it comes to pregnancy?
8. Should women who use alcohol or drugs during pregnancy face legal consequences?
For whichever question you pick:
• For full credit, students must use at least three distinct concepts accurately from this week’s Checklist.
• Tell us which article you read and how it is relevant.
A Third of U.S. Adults Say They Have Used Fertility Treatments, or Know Someone Who Has
Public Opinion of Prenatal Genetic ‘Editing’ Depends on How It Is Used
More Americans See Downsides than Upsides for Prenatal Gene Editing
Genetically Modified People Are Walking Among Us
Should All Newborns Get Genetic Testing?
Hospital Sued for Not Revealing Fatal Hereditary Illness
DNA Tests: The Death of the Family Secret
Having Babies with Gestational Surrogates
A 74-Year Old Woman Just Gave Birth to Twins
China is Reversing Policy on Its One-Child Limit
Europe Needs More Babies
Some Policies that Actually Could Encourage More People to Have Children
Coworkers Are Gifting Vacation Days So New Moms Can Get Maternity Leave
Could This Public Health Ad Encourage Pregnant Women to Drink?
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Increases Preference for Alcohol Later in Life
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Affects Cognition in a Different Way than ADHD
Many More Children Affected by Prenatal Alcohol than Previously Thought
During Pregnancy, a Little Weed Does the Trick
More Babies Born to Opioid-Addicted Mothers
The Babies of the Opioid Epidemic
Oxy-tots and Meth Babies are the New Crack Babies
A New Antidepressant Medication for Postpartum Depression
What Employers Need to Understand About Postpartum Depression
When Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Go Away
Even Moms Happy About Pregnancy Can Get Depressed > BCC Library link for this article
What Birth is Like Around the World
A Midwife in the Central African Republic (23 minutes, “NC-17” needs Google sign-in)
Two Women’s Stories: Rwanda and Sweden (14 minute mini-drama)
Rebel Midwives Give Mothers Hidden Options
Why New York Lags So Far Behind on Natural Childbirth
Why Giving Birth in the USA Is Surprisingly Deadly
Every Black Woman Deserves a Doula
New Law Could Change Who Can Be a Doula
The Demystification of the Postpartum Female Body
The Japanese Way to Mourn a Miscarriage
When Did We Start to Talk Openly About Miscarriage?
Public Support for Legal Abortion Drops Later in Pregnancy
Where Mom Lives Can Predict if Baby Will Be Premature
What Happens to Pregnant Women When Hospitals in Poor Areas Close
New Wireless Sensors Help Care for Premature Babies
The Human Incubator: Low Tech Solutions
Childbirth at Risk in an Impoverished Country (the video in this article may be upsetting)
Serena Williams and Beyonce Speak About Childbirth Dangers
Why Do Black Mothers and Newborns Have Higher Mortality Rates?
Do Latinas Have Healthier Babies than White Women in the US?
Risks and Choices at a Bronx Prenatal Testing Clinic
The Consequences of Stress during Pregnancy
Stress Risk Starts in the Womb
Born in 1944 and Still Affected by Prenatal Famine
Pregnancy Warning About Chemicals in Food
Pregnancy is Best Time for Some Vaccines


Please Note:
Some (but not all) of the media for the links listed above have a “paywall” that limits how many articles can be read without a subscription. (For example, the New York Times currently has a maximum of four articles per month.) So that you’ll be able to continue reading for free, here are some BCC student account links for which you can register:
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