Political Science Essay

A Systematic Literature Review about Drug Shortages in the Canadian Hospital’s Pharmacy Supply Chain
September 13, 2019
Immigration of Children
September 13, 2019

THINKING PAPER I “Studying World Politics – A Just World”
Choose a global justice issue and develop your own theory of justice. What does a just world look like? What are the major premises and principles? Who is involved to uphold justice? And, why?
Be sure to reflect on how your theory of justice is different from and similar to the theories studied in the course (Rawls, Habermas, Foucault, Derrida, and Sen) – engage with at least two, and to provide convincing arguments as to why your theory of justice is adequate to address the chosen global justice issue. You are to develop original work and draw on material from the course to underpin your theory.
Example: Global Justice Issue – Refugee Protection. A just world in regards to refugee protection looks like …; My theory of justice is adequate to address refugee protection because it …; The major premises and principles of my theory are…; I find that these premises and principles are important because …; Actor x and y are involved in upholding justice as they are … ; My theory is different / similar from other thinkers in that …
Guidelines: 4-5 pages; 12 Font; 1.25inch margins; double-spaced; 2-3 sources from course to develop theory + 1-2 outside sources to introduce global justice issue and substantiate argument (total 3-5 sources)