Ozone essay

How does not having a policy for sepsis affect the patients that meet sepsis criteria?
September 13, 2019
The public perception of the bias in News and Social Media reports on Police Officer involved shootings
September 13, 2019

-What is the ozone hole and why should we care? In this week’s discussion, you will be investigating the current status of the ozone hole in order to understand the relationship between human activities (part of the biosphere) and the atmosphere. ozone you will write up one reaction summary.
-What did you find surprising?
Does the ozone hole vary? If so, how? Why?
What does the ozone hole look like today?
Why is there a hole in the ozone layer?
Do we need to be concerned? Why or why not?
What are we doing to reduce the hole in the ozone layer?
Is there any current news or research you found in regards to the ozone hole? <– Doing some additional research is a great way to expand our discussion.
What questions do you have regarding ozone or the ozone hole?
-Provide one well-written initial post that answers some of the above prompts to the forum.
Add at least three additional comments to the discussion. Your comments should address the post you are responding to and expand on the discussion (don’t just write “I agree”) in an engaging/exciting way.

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