Manifest Destiny Introductory Paragraph & Tentative Bibliography

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Hist-2010 – Early United States HistoryInstructions for Writing Assignment #1Manifest Destiny Introductory Paragraph & Tentative BibliographyPurposeoftheWritingAssignmentsinthisCourse:Students will acquire a general understanding and knowledge of the ideas, traditions and values that shaped our nation prior to 1877. The student will be able to demonstrate the acquired knowledge in writing.Students will develop the skills to use historical research methodology, free from bias and prejudice, that will enable them to make reasoned judgment concerning theevents that shape our modern nation.Students will develop the ability to evaluate, analyze and synthesize historical events and their impact on current events.Students will be introduced to primary and secondary sources dealing with pre-1877 American history.Students will be expected to successfully demonstrate knowledge of historical research skills by completingresearch assignmentsthat will begiven throughout the semester.AssignmentFor Writing Assignment #1, you will be developing an academic introductory paragraph and tentative bibliography centered around Amy S. Greenberg’s book, Manifest Destiny and American Territorial Expansion: A Brief History with Documents. For this assignment, you will be:ReadingPartIofAmyGreenberg’sbook,the“Introduction”,pages1through38. This is provided for you as a PDF file, within the Week #3 course content, and can also linked in the “Weekly Assignment Information” on the COURSE HOME page.From your reading of Greenberg’s “Introduction”, you will developanacademicintroductoryparagraphthatfocusesonone(1)theme,oroneaspect,ofManifestDestinycoveredinGreenberg’sbook; hint, hint … Look closely at the Table of Contents for Part I and you will see these themes listed quite clearly.IncludingGreenberg’sbook, you are required to developaminimumofthree(3)ormorescholarlysourcesthatyouwillusefortheWorksCitedpagesofyourwritingassignmentsinthiscourse. These sources must be correctly formatted and cited using the current 8th edition MLA rules of writing and style.Using a minimum of one (1) of the sources from your tentative Works Cited page, you will developaminimumofone(1)correctlyinsertedandformattedMLAin-textcitation.In the Writing Assignment #1 course content, you are being provided with a sample document which is correctly formatted and set up for this assignment. Again, it would be beneficial for you to use this as an example when completing your own document.
For your introductory paragraph, you must have a clear and concise thesisstatement, will be used for both your rough draft and final research papers. At the very least, your introductory paragraph should consist of a minimum – emphasis on minimum! – of five (5) well-developed, complete, grammatically correct academic sentences, using proper spellingand punctuation. Generally, however, an introductory paragraph will be of greater length, but five (5) academic sentences, the length for an academic paragraph, is a good guide; a good, shall we say, rule-of-thumb. You have significant latitude on the theme you will develop, your work must be connected to Manifest Destiny and Amy Greenberg’s book.And yes, if you so choose, you can change your original introductory paragraph and thesis statement for both the rough draft and final research papers. This is, after all, both a tentative introduction and Works Cited page, and students often want to change as they develop their train of thought.FortheIntroductoryParagraph:I would imagine that you are now asking yourself the question, “just what am I supposed towrite about?” With the primary subject being that of Manifest Destiny, you truly do have a good number of possibilities, and with Greenberg’s book as a guide you have a great source for those possibilities. To help you choose a topic on which to write, here are some questions you can ask yourself so you can develop an outline for your introductory paragraph:What were some of the early European ideas about the New World, and how did these become part of the ideology of Manifest Destiny?Who were the active political figures in Manifest Destiny and what did they do that affected the outcome of this ideology?What happened to the Southeastern and Eastern Woodland Native Americans?Why did it take over ten (10) years for the Lone Star Republic, i.e., modern-day Texas, to become part of the United States?Because of Manifest Destiny, what happened to the Native Americans in the American West?Because of Manifest Destiny, what happened to the Mexicans who held generations-old land grants in Texas, the Southwest and California?What primary documents from Greenberg’s book can I use to support my thesis and paper?What have other authors written about Manifest Destiny and how can I incorporate these ideas into my paper?Also, to help you further in writing your introductory paragraph, it would be good to know that your final paper for this course will address the following questions:What is the historical context in which Greenberg’s book is written?What historical evidence does Greenberg use to write her book, and was the historical evidence accurate?Greenberg’s book addresses the major themes that was the ideology of Manifest Destiny, and the westward growth of the United States stemming from that ideology. At what expense to other nations and other peoples did we, as Americans, under the guise of our God-given right to Manifest Destiny, take control of the lands west of the Mississippi River? For your final paper, you will be picking one (1) of
these themes, and you will write the majority of your paper addressing the issues of this theme.Do you think the United States government was fair to other nations and nativepeoples in our geographic growth?TentativeWorksCitedpageIn this portion of your first writing assignment, you will be developing a tentative Works Cited page for your Manifest Destiny term paper. In preparing this part of your paper, please follow the instructions given below:For this portion of your writing assignment, you will develop a minimum – emphasison minimum! – of three (3) scholarly sources pertaining to Manifest Destiny, one (1) of which MUST be Greenberg’s book.Please take particular note, that your sources must of “scholarly” quality. Within the course content for this assignment, you are being provided with a file, “Acceptable Sources for College-Level Papers”, that is a good guide on what is and is not considered a scholarly source. Still, if you find a source that you may want to use, and you cannot determine if it can be considered scholarly, do not hesitate to consult with your instructor for advice in using that source.After you have researched your scholarly sources, you will cite these using the current 8th edition MLA rules of writing and style, placing them into a correctly formatted Works Cited page.Ensure that you save a copy of your Works Cited page as you will need this for further use in the course.Setting-upandFormattingYourDocumentSet all margins to 1” all around; top, bottom, left and right.Do not use HEADERS or FOOTERS in your paper, and if you use PAGE NUMBERS ensure that they are correctly formatted and inserted in the UPPER RIGHT-HAND CORNER of each page.Use only one standard font, set to a 12-point type size, throughout your entire document. A standard font would one such as Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman, Lucida, New Century Schoolbook, etc.In the upper left-hand corner of your document, you will develop your HEADING, setto single-line spacing.Your NameHist-2010-02W – Early United States HistoryInstructor – Robert L. MastersDate you submit your paper for grading (1 January 2018)Below the HEADING you will reset your line spacing to DOUBLE-LINE and develop your TITLE, which will be centered across the pageBelow the TITLE, you will enter the BODY of your introductory paragraph. Ensure that you indent the first line of your paragraph one TAB SPACE, or ½”, from the left-hand margin.Below the BODY of your introductory paragraph, on the first blank page following, you will reset your line spacing to SINGLE-LINE, and then develop your BIBLIOGRAPHY.Your Writing Assignment #1 document will consist of the following components: oHEADING in the upper left-hand corner of the pageoTITLEoThe BODY of your introductory paragraph with a correctly inserted and formatted Turabian FOOTNOTEoA correctly formatted tentative Turabian BIBLIOGRAPHYResourcesforDevelopingWritingAssignment#1:As with all college and university level writing assignments, you will be required to developand cite academic sources that pertain to your primary subject. In this course, your primary topic will be, of course, Manifest Destiny, and the rules and style of writing you willbe utilizing are Turabian/Chicago Manual of Style. To help you in developing and writing your papers in this course, you can use the following resources:Hist2010-LibraryGuide… This resource is provided through the Jackson State library, and can be used to search a number of history journal databases; i.e., JSTOR, Humanities Full Text, and US History Collection.PurdueOWL:MLAFormattingandStyleGuide,8thEdition… This is a free website maintained by Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL). While this website may not have each and every source that a student may discover when researching a topic, it is a good source in most instances. As always, however, if you should find a source that is not covered here then ask your instructor for help

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