Literature Essay

Practicum: Journal and Time Log
September 13, 2019
Shakespeare’s Coriolanus
September 13, 2019

Imagine you are a high school English teacher. Though the English department initially
allotted one week for studying each of the literary elements listed below, due to a possum
infestation, the principal has announced that the school will need to be closed for a week,
requiring one of these elements to be cut. To help faculty reach a consensus on what to cut,
the department chair has asked all English faculty members to write and circulate their
recommendations with detailed support for which element should be cut out and which
elements are essential. Please submit a 1,000-word, double-spaced position paper, written
with the English faculty as your audience, explaining which of the elements is most
expendable (and could be cut) and which one is most necessary (and should therefore not
be cut) and why. Please analyze at least three specific readings from LIT100 to explain why
they certain elements are essential or inessential to appreciating literature, as your
colleagues value concrete examples.
Literary elements under consideration: Plot, point of view, character, setting, tone, imagery,
rhyme scheme, figurative comparisons, word choice, tragedy, and identification of theme
The English Department is composed of busy faculty members whom you know from casual
conversation hold a range of different positions on what is vital and expendable in the
curriculum. Thus, lead with your main idea, develop your argument through prominent
topic sentences, respectfully anticipate counter-positions, and write clearly and concisely.
Proofread your essay so your readers take your argument seriously.

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