Laws of Exponents
September 13, 2019
Observation Collaboration
September 13, 2019

Write and submit a formal essay of 6-7 pages that analyzes or critiques a specific theme or idea from the assigned course materials. These are academic essays. They are not simply reader response papers. The subject matter should focus on a specific minority’s issues, concerns, oppression, etc. and argue or make apparent why one’s ideas are important to interpreting the selected and collective minority group’s culture and placement within the emerging United States of America. ALL secondary sources should be academic (scholarly journals, theory, etc.) in nature and effectively buttress students’ critically formed thoughts about the text(s). Further instruction should be taken from discussion board comments, the criteria posted below, and conversation with your professor. Notice: This is NOT a composition class. Students will be expected to meet all essay guidelines outlined by The Research Paper Scoring rubric without required drafts and peer reviews.

Include at least five sources to support your claims throughout your essay. They should originate from the primary readings of the course, academic journal articles, theoretical texts, and/or other reputable sources: newspapers, magazines, databases, etc. A combination of all four types of evidence would be best, but the sources depend on your subject matter. Also, each body paragraph should be 200 to 300 words, including one to two properly cited sources in MLA style and format.

DO NOT use .coms, Wikipedia, Shmoop, etc. They are wholly un-useful to academic and humanistic inquiry and action.

The basic requirements for the mid-term essay are included above, but more specifically, the assignment requires that you accomplish the following: 1) define the history of a distinct minority people (Chicana/o, LGBT, African American, etc.). 2) Explain their importance in shaping America from a cultural perspective (what have they contributed to the face of the nation), and 3) explain the importance of securing, maintaining, etc. distinct minority rights in the future (why their diversity is crucial to molding, upholding, etc. their culture, beliefs, and customs). As you can see, the assignment is open-ended in order for students to select their area of interest in the course. Furthermore, students should view the project as the ground work for their final essay, which will deal directly with contemporary minority activism