Evaluation Proposal

Chapter 10 Review
September 13, 2019
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September 13, 2019

Design an evaluation for a program of your choice based on your interests. Your evaluation design should be of a sufficient detail that an external reviewer will fully understand why and how you will implement the proposed evaluation.
The proposal should include the following:

1. Background: General program information, participants, activities, and goals.
2. The purpose of the evaluation: Generally describe the goals of the evaluation and include the approach you will employ. Include formative and summative aspects of the evaluation as well as the approach or combination thereof you will employ.
3. Evaluation questions: List 3-5 questions that will guide your evaluation.
4. Description of how you plan to interact with or involve the stakeholders.
5. Describe your design – you must employ a mixed-method design, i.e., include quantitative and qualitative components.
a. Indicate if the evaluation seeks descriptive or casual information
b. Data sources: existing and original
c. Data collection methods and participants
d. Instruments: develop at least one of your instruments (e.g., brief survey, interview protocol, observation schedule)
e. Administration procedures including time/frequency of data collection
f. Plans for data analysis and examples of expected results
g. Include a chart that summarizes your evaluation plan (see Canvas folder and pages 355-357 for examples).
h. Rationale for your design
6. Discussion: Include a description of potential barriers that may impact the implementation of the evaluation and how you intend the evaluation to be used. Include specific examples of how you would present the data/information.
7. Format: 15 page minimum (excluding title page and evaluation plan worksheet), typed, doubled spaced, in a 12 point font, and with one-inch margins.

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