Concert reaction Assignment

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September 13, 2019
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September 13, 2019

Go to any concerts and write a one page reaction paper on it.
• All of the information for this assignment (aside from titles and composers) should be obtained from listening to the concert and should be your observations, not your friends’ observations or words from another source.
• You should submit your review electronically, and your program from the concert in person. The electronic submission will be processed through “” to detect possible plagiarism.

Guidelines and Requirements
Your review should be about one page long at 11 point font. The purpose of this review is to introduce you to the exciting and potentially new world of classical music. You need not write about the technical musical details but rather focus on what is stand out to you at the concert. For instance, you might particularly like one piece on the program because it seems to have more emotional variance, or another piece might seem to be very quiet and intimate. While you should use correct grammar and spelling, you need not follow a strict essay format.