Write about a specific event or person in EASTERN ZHOU CHINA. (chapter 5)

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September 12, 2019
Educational Program Research paper
September 12, 2019

The research paper topic can be on anything covered in the class (roughly 2500 BC-1500) and focus on any culture. Please follow the following guidelines for Research Essays:
Basic stuff:
5 pages
12 point font
double spaced
no goofy fonts
heading with name, date, which class (T/TH HIS202),
title (which is not “Research Essay” or the topic name–you can do better)
Required Sources:
3 scholarly articles (i.e. use the Cal Poly library academic search databases) or books minimum
1 primary source
Other Sources:
websites are acceptable if they are from a scholarly source, such as a university or established educational organization
The Essay itself:
include introduction with a thesis statement (argument about your topic)
include basic information about event, including significant dates
4-6 body paragraphs containing specific evidence to illustrate your points and make connections to your thesis at the end
the primary source should be quoted/referenced in your text
the standard format you know best is fine, so it can be APA, MLA, Chicago. You can find proper citation information at http://owl.english.purdue.edu
creating headings for primary and secondary sources
do not include the 5 lines of internet gobbledygook that you get on some of the urls. The homepage website is fine, but it needs to be cited appropriately for the format you have chosen.
What Not to Do
DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Ever. You will save yourself a lot of time and trouble by citing your source. When in doubt, cite. If you read it somewhere else, it is not your idea so give credit where credit is due. Depending too much on other sources and letting me know that you did so through citations may lower your grade, but it will not get you kicked out of college. So cite.
Do not use shady or general web sources.Some random person’s thoughts on the topic are not a legitimate source, and my elementary school son uses Wikipedia, so I expect more of you–you are smatter than a 5th grader. Those basic encyclopedia sources will not have the depth that you need for this project, do not use them.
Do not write a report. This is a paper with an argument. You can assume I know what happened, so make and argument and draw conclusions about the information that you are presenting.
Do not include questions. You are answering questions, not asking them. They have no place in formal writing because they do not move your argument forward.

Research Guide–Finding Sources


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Scholarly Sources:


For Help:


Not a scholarly source, but a good one:

Ancient Art Podcast


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