T.E.D Talk Analysis Assignment

Marketing Techniques
September 12, 2019
Observation Debrief
September 12, 2019

View the T.E.D. Talk and complete the following grid. If you run out of space on the grid for any of your answers, feel free to continue writing on the back of this sheet.

Title of T.E.D. Talk:

Name of Speaker:

Date of T.E.D. Talk and Number of Views

What was the speaker’s thesis (main point) of this speech?

circle any of the following adjectives that describe this T E. D. . at kl : Humorous 5 Dull Inspiring Repetitive Intellectual Confusing

Ethos is a speaker’s ability to build credibility, establish himself/herself as an expert, and/or convince the audience members that the speaker has their best interests at heart. How does this speaker build ethos? Feel free to also refer to the speaker’s profile information from the ted.com webpage as you build your answer.

Pathos is an appeal to emotions (everything from humor to horror) in order to sway an audience, while logos is the use of data/evidence to prove one’s case. Did this speaker rely more on pathos or logos in his/her presentation? What argument/point in this presentation did you find the most compelling? Why?

T.E.D. Talk presenters are known as effective public speakers. Describe two things this speaker does well in terms of engaging the audience. Be sure to include the minute:second mark (ex: 8:49) to denote the two specific moments you discuss here.

Write two specific things you learned from this presentation.

If you could ask this speaker a question about his/her information or presentation, what would you ask?

Give one piece of constructive criticism that would improve the presentation.

What group of people would benefit the most from hearing this lecture?