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Organizational Analysis Worksheet
September 12, 2019
Analysis Paper
September 12, 2019

Discussion Questions

1.Describe Susannah’s background and personality. What was the dilemma that Susannah faced and what were her options? How did Daniel rescue Susannah?

2.From the story of Judith, identify the following characters: Holofernes, Joakim, Uzziah, Achior. What roles do they play relative to Judith? Finally, are they seen more in terms of their relationships with her or is she seen more in terms of her relationships with them?

3.Unlike Judith and Susannah who were fictional characters, Babatha lived a very real life during tempestuous times. What do we learn about the rights and limitations women faced in the late first and early second centuries?

4.Was Ben Sira misogynistic? What specifically is the difference for Ben Sira between a good wife/daughter and a bad one?

5.How significant was Mary Magdalene in the ministry of Jesus? Did you read anything in the assignments that makes you think differently than before?

6.Analyze some of the social characteristics of the matriarchal societies, and the variety of roles that the goddesses played in ancient religions in contrast to the patriarchal Judeo-Christian approach.