Narrative Essay

September 12, 2019
19th Century Foundations
September 12, 2019

In a narrative of approx. 500 (2-3 pages, double-spaced), reflect on experiences that have shaped your current academic or professional interests. What questions or situations motivated or guided you? What subjects or areas within your field interest you or intrigue you most? What topics, either within your studies or pursued independently, have intrigued you most?

Tell the story (or narrative) behind your current academic or professional interests. You could share how you became interested in your chosen field (the influence of a family member, or perhaps, a memorable experience). You might also reflect on your formal education and how coursework or teachers led to your choice of major or your academic/professional aspirations, but it will be just as important to consider experiences outside the classroom that made you aware of what you wanted to learn and why. Consider the problems or challenges within your field you’d like to tackle. How might you help your field progress in the future?

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Narrative Essay
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(Note: Many graduate school applications, as well as scholarship and internship applications, require an essay about an experience that shaped your academic or professional interests and goals, and an honest, compelling narrative will highlight your potential in a way that other admissions criteria cannot. If this might apply to you at some point, this assignment gives you a head-start!)

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