How can we understand the rise of Donald Trump?

Final Personal Leadership Portrait
September 12, 2019
The impact of “The Brixton Economic Action plan (2017)” implementation on the Brixton residents’ quality of life.
September 12, 2019

You should structure this section of your assignment as a series of specific and detailed bullet points.
Every research plan will be different, but some items you might include are:
• Conduct additional academic research to find more supporting evidence and analysis (scan the
bibliographies of my current sources; consult a librarian; use different search terms; etc.)
• Find additional supporting information from acceptable, non-peer reviewed sources
(newspapers, government documents, NGO reports, etc.);
• Locate statistical data to support one or more of my points;
• Research opposing arguments (so I can better address possible criticisms of your argument);
• Locate compelling quotations from relevant figures (academic experts, politicians, etc.); Develop a Research Plan (half a page),

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