Do Controlled Substance Agreements Improve Care Quality for Opioid Patients?

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September 12, 2019
Research Paper Topic Content
September 12, 2019

You have selected a current, real-world, and re searchable business topic that is a problem, challenge, or issue. In this paper, introduce, characterize, and discuss the problem, challenge, or issue (you can announce the name of the organization, but you can also announce “Company ABC / Company XYZ” in case the organization needs to / should remain anonymous). Be specific, and refrain from making broad, generalized statements. Incorporate at least four (4) research-based literature sources in this paper. In this paper, write in third person – not in first person (no I statements). This paper requires the use of appropriate APA formatting. Use proper section headings, proper grammar-spelling-punctuation.

In at least three (no more than four) well-developed paragraphs, discuss the industry, sector, company type, products (goods) and services, and employee make-up of where the problem, challenge, or issue is existing. Provide detailed context about the problem so that any reader can understand the background of the problem. Consider this information to be the “in-take” or “triage” information. Use industry, sector, and practitioner-based reports, statistics, and news to assist with developing this paragraph. Be sure to provide in-text and reference section citations for this material and information.

In at least one (no more than two) well-developed paragraph, discuss one (1) organizational theory that relates to the problem, challenge, or issue being addressed in this paper. Be sure to search the library databases and Internet for scholarly resources that discuss organizational theories. Be sure to provide in-text and reference section citations for this material and information.

In at least two (no more than three) well-developed paragraphs, discuss the ethical implications (to the management / leadership of the organization, the people of the organization, the industry, and the broader society) of resolving and not resolving the problem, challenge, or issue. Discuss the benefits, potential barriers, setbacks, and roadblocks associated with resolving the problem, challenge, or issue.

In one well-developed paragraph, write a one to two sentence problem statement. The problem statement announces the specific problem, challenge, or issue that will be investigated through the research literature. The problem statement addresses what is unknown, what is unclear, what needs to be fixed, what needs to be changed, or what needs to be further researched. The problem statement is a brief, definitive statement of a specific problem, challenge, or issue that you hope to investigate as a result of reviewing the available research literature around the problem topic. The problem statement should be clear, concise, definitive, unambiguous and readily understood by anyone who reads it.

Your concept paper will comply with the following general formatting requirements:

Minimum of two (2) full pages in length
Maximum of three (3) pages in length
Typed using a 12-point Times New Roman font
Double-spaced throughout entire paper (including cover page and reference section)
Use a one-inch margin
Use flush-left justification throughout the paper unless specifically directed otherwise in the APA Manual
Page header will include your title and page numbers (12-point Times New Roman font)
Use of appropriate section and sub-section headings are required throughout entire paper
Title/cover page will include the working title of your document, your name, the course name, the university name (Wilmington University), and the date (Month Day, Year, e.g. February 15, 2018);
The title/cover page and reference pages do not count/are not included in the minimum/maximum page lengths.


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