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Recommendation for Location of the A & L Beanery Physical Plant
September 12, 2019
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September 12, 2019

Tom has been working in an Asian restaurant TeniHan for five years. What he likes most about his job is that he gets to interact with the customers. In fact the restaurant offers to its customers the opportunity to choose their own recipes and to watch their food being cooked in front of them. TeniHan is very proud to present a “fun, fast-paced feast for the senses”, “a unique, immersive dining experience” where you get to eat and watch a live cooking show.
TeniHan has recruited recently three new cookers. As per TeniHan policy, the new cookers had to follow a three months training before starting to do the live cooking show. In fact, the show entails a lot of risks as the cookers have to handle different sharp kitchen tools. During the training period, five cookers left working with TeniHan without previous notice. Therefore the restaurant management decided to interrupt the training of the new employees six weeks earlier and requested from them to start working in the restaurant.
Jim, one of the new cookers, has joined Tom on a cooking show for the first time. While Jim was doing his part, the knife slipped out of his hand and cut deeply the hand of Tom. Tom had to stay one month in the hospital and to pay USD 30000 as medical fees. Unfortunately, Tom has also lost the ability to fully use his hand and may not be able to continue working as a cooker.
Thinking of all what he has lost, Tom feels very upset and is confident that it is TeniHan restaurant fault. They should not have interrupted the training of the new employees and sent them to work while they were not ready. Tom is considering to file a lawsuit. Tom comes to you and seek assistance. He understands that you are not a lawyer and you will not be able to provide him with a detailed legal advice. However he was told by a lawyer that he can sue his employer based on the tort law and he would like you to help him to look for the main information needed to understand his legal situation and to draft a comprehensive paper around it. You agree to help Tom.

Guided by the methodology described above, student should:
a) Select the topic of the article;
b) Draft an abstract; and
c) Draft an Outline.
Topic selection: The topic should address one of the issues raised by the case and should be in relation with the topics covered by BUS530 course. The topic can cover more than one aspect of the case as long as it is coherent and remain general. The topic should include a brief comparison with Kuwaiti Law.
Abstract: An abstract is a concise summary of the article that helps reader to ascertain quickly the relevance and the interest of the article. It must be fully self-contained without further reference to outside sources or to the actual paper. 1
Outline: An outline is a plan of a writing project or an article. An outline is usually in the form of a list (bullet points) divided into headings and subheadings that distinguish main points/arguments from supporting points/evidence.
Thus, the outline should include the following points:
• Selected topic to study: explain the topic and the reason why you chose it.
• Concept Map: highlight the initial topic for the project and headings of the subtopics.