First Analysis Assignment (Argument Response)

Command Authorities
September 11, 2019
Instructions Assignment
September 11, 2019

The Assignment: Using HCC’s Learning Resource Center and/or its online databases Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, and/or OmniFile Fulltext, you are to find and respond to an academic article that makes some claim about “Cask of Amontillado,” “The Veldt,” “The Mark on the Wall,” “King of the Bingo Game,” “The House of Asterion,” “Why I Live at the P.O.,” “A Jury of Her Peers,” “Bloodchild,” “Hills Like White Elephants,” or “Jesus Shaves.” The first paragraph should include a brief exposition of the academic article’s claim about the story you choose and a thesis which offers a refutation, alternative, revision, or refinement of that claim. The rest of your paper must analyze your chosen story in order to support your thesis. You must include a Works Cited Page with bibliographical entries for the story and the academic article in MLA Format.
Turning in the Assignment: As always, your paper will immediately lose five points if it is not stapled or paper-clipped. Also, any use of first or second person will reduce your grade by one point per infraction. Avoid “to be” verbs and vague language. Remember to keep in mind various rejoinders to your argument and preemptively thwart them. You must use MLA to format your citations. Your paper must be double spaced, include Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and one-inch margins). Remember to include a name block at the top left corner of your paper with your name, my name, the class, and the date. Also, be sure to include the name of your chosen story as your title. No title page is required.

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