Current Events Essay

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September 11, 2019
Collaborative Learning Community
September 11, 2019

Write a current events essay off of the following article and please abide by the rubric attached thank you.
rubric is as follows: Current Event Write-Up I Due Date: 09 September 2019
Students will choose an article of interest (from a credible source) and get it approved by the instructor (do this via email). Articles should be at least 300 words.
The write-up will consist of the following:
Part 1: Basic info on article Title of article Author Name of source (news website, newspaper site, etc.) URL
Part 2: Summary (1 paragraph) Provide a brief summary of your article which answers the following questions: What issue or subject is being covered? Where, when, and why did the events occur? Who was involved?
Part 3: Analysis (at least 2 paragraphs) What was the purpose of the article? How did the subject relate to the US government? Does the subject or issue being covered in the article affect your life? If not, whose life would it affect? Did you detect any bias? If you were going to write a detailed report about the subject of the article, what questions would you ask to acquire additional relevant information that was not mentioned in the article?
Your report should consist of 250-500 words. You will be graded on completion and the quality of your work.

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