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September 11, 2019
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September 11, 2019

1.An argument sentence for a title (containing a verb).
2.Introductory paragraph of 10 -16 lines, which includes the movie title in italics,
Essay thesis in the last line
3.Two arguments paragraphs of between 22 – 28 lines each
4. Each argument paragraph beginning with a topic sentence argument. Which contains the name of your chosen character in it

Three Seasons (Ba Mua)

Kien An – poor girl who sells lotuses to tourists
Teacher Dao – an aging poet who lives in a great house, becomes friends with Kien
Woody – little boy of the street who sells from a tray
Hai – a cyclo (taxi) driver
Lan — prostitute who works in the big hotels
James – US soldier about 50 years old who has returned to Vietnam looking for the daughter whose mother he abandoned years before
Thach Thi – the little girl who befriends Woody
Phuong – James’ daughter

Each of the characters in this story has, inside him (er), some unresolved problem , longing, suffering, desire, or interest. As the stories unfold, this character has various experiences that move him toward some kind of resolution or peace regarding his issue, his problem.
Chose a character, and in two paragraphs, explain what this character’s special problem is, and what he does, or what happens, that gradually causes the challenge to be resolved.
The character you choose does not work alone, but is able to reach a better place because of the interaction he or she has with some other person(s). Explain what it was that happened between them, what the other person was able to do, so that your character could finally find improvement or resolution in life.
Paragraph one — outline the problem or pain or challenge that your character is facing, using specific, detailed evidence from the film to ‘show’ how this character has something big in his life to deal with which does not just fade away
Paragraph two – discuss how another character impacts his life, by using specific evidence from the film.
Avoid telling me how the character feels. Tell me what the character does that is important, and why it is important.

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