Aristotle Essay

Ethical Theories
September 11, 2019
Industrial Ergonomics Essay Assignment
September 11, 2019

Directions for all chapter essays: Begin the essay with a direct quotation from the philosopher covered in the chapter. (Provide the page number in parentheses after the quotation.) The quotation must present an important idea from the philosopher that helps answer the question. The opening quotation should function as an epigraph, so do not try to explain it immediately. Be sure that the quotation is from the philosopher and not from the editors’ running commentary/explanation of the philosopher. Do not use other direct quotations in your explanation/essay. Please do provide proper citations when paraphrasing ideas from the readings.To guide your reading, read the “Discussion Questions #5 and #11 (page 146), and “Study Question” #2 (page 147). Take notes as your read with these questions in mind.
When you write your essay, you have to answer these questions in some detail. So, prepare your essay very carefully so that you touch on the issues asked in each question.

#5- Why is eudaemonia not for everybody? what is wrong with being “happy as a clam”?(could clams be eudaemonia?) What are necessary material and social conditions for happiness?

#11-Why is the good life not the life of pleasure? Why is the good life inconceivable without pleasure? How do these two fit together in Aristotle’s ethics?(In other words, what is the proper place of pleasure in the good life?)

#2- Why is the good life necessarily a rational life? What does Aristotle mean by “reason” here? In what sense is an activity rational? Why are viruses rational?

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