Well Targeted Audience
September 11, 2019
Malware and Comparative or absolute advantage with trading
September 11, 2019

This assignment is the second of five original topical essays you are to write and post on the Discussion Board—and which I will be using (in lieu of exams) to assess your mastery of course material. When posting, type or paste directly into the Messages box so that your readers will not have to open attached files (use attachments only for supplementary materials such as photos). In this essay, you are to do the following:

(1) Locate, provide a link for, and analyze some specific item in the mass media portraying older people and/or the aging process.

(2) In your analysis, you are to (a) describe societal attitudes or assumptions you believe form the basis for the picture you present, and (b) indicate what theoretical perspective or perspectives (as presented in Chapter 3 of our text) you believe best account for these attitudes or assumptions.

(3) Be sure to consider how and why prevailing attitudes may be changing over time (for instance, by comparing the depictions of “old folks” in reruns of 1950s and 1960s TV shows with those being presented in today’s popular media).

(4) Finally, what would you suggest to reduce the impact of ageist stereotyping on the growing number of people striving to age successfully over their life course?

Your original posting (worth up to 5 points toward your course grade) is due no later than 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 22. Your thoughtful and substantive response to a classmate’s posting on this same topic (worth up to 3 points toward your course grade) is due no later than 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 29.

Each of your five original essays should be around 800 words (the equivalent of 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages), and each reply to a fellow student around 500 words; be sure to include a word count at the end of your posting. Each essay is to cite both your textbook and an outside academic source (preferably a peer-reviewed journal article), and each reply an additional outside academic source.

Grading Criteria: I will be looking for evidence that you are actively engaging with the class material and MAKING IT YOUR OWN. The very best postings (worthy of full credit) will accomplish the following:

Address ALL ASPECTS or parts of the question (or set of questions);
Support your commentary with pertinent evidence from your textbook AND at least one outside academic source (preferably a peer-reviewed journal article; and
Provide SPECIFIC, DETAILED, and PERTINENT true (or true-to life hypothetical) examples to “flesh out” your points—showing how the concepts you have been studying apply to people’s real day-to-day life experiences.

One-half point for lack of reference to textbook.
One-half point for missing outside academic reference (popular media do not qualify!).
One-half point for unclear outside academic reference (unable to locate from information given).
One-half point per week (up to a maximum 2 points) for late submission.
Up to 2 points for lack of sufficient length, detail, relevance, or clarity in posting.