What is trap music?

Nursing capstone practicuum and research
September 10, 2019
Organizational Communication
September 10, 2019

Please address many different ideas of the concept, including historical, sonic, technological, and social interpretations. In this reading response. please develop your own working defnition of trap music, using the ideas of one other other from the sylabus for support. In your short response, you should make a clear statement of what trap music is to you and develop this assertion using examples, discussion and elaboration. you may organize the response however you want: i suggest forming two or three paragraphs to organize your thoughts. within these guidelines, you are free to explore the topic as you see fit, using one of your writing voices.
citations – pick one of the following text : Jesse McCarthy, “Notes on Trap”. Katherine McKirttrick and Allexander Weheliye, “808 $ Heartbreak”, Fred Moten, except from the Break

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