Organizational Communication

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September 10, 2019
Case Study Q&A
September 10, 2019

1. Which perspective on the relationship between communication and organizations understands communication as creating and reflecting reality?
A. Communication in organizations

B. Organizations as communication

C. Neoliberalism

D.Organizational society
2. Which types of organizational control are the most sophisticated?

A. Direct and technological

B. Ideological and biocratic

C. Ideological and bureaucratic

D. Direct and bureaucratic
3. In general, what were Marx’s most important critiques of capitalism?

A. Tribal and ancient forms of ownership

B. Culture industry and high/low culture

C. Task time and clock time

D. How it turns everything into commodities and is alienating to workers
4. What is the major difference between the thought of the Frankfurt School and cultural studies?

A. Cultural studies believes that “culture” includes a wide variety of experiences and products that should not be labeled “high” or “low.”

B. The Frankfurt School believed capitalism is merely an economic system

C. Cultural studies does not take everyday experience into account

D. The Frankfurt School believes audiences have agency in their interactions with culture
5. In chapter 1, the authors spend a significant amount of time discussing an issue that limits coordination in organizations. What is this issue?

A. Organizational control

B. Ideology

C. The tension between employee autonomy and organizational control

D. Clock time

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