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September 10, 2019
Impact of Money
September 10, 2019

For this course you will need to turn in a Final Project that pulls together all of the elements you are learning in this course. You can see this Final Project (Link will open in new tab.) described in detail in the last module of this course. For this portion of the Final Project, you will need to create a draft of your final project. Consider what your long-term career goals are, especially in relation to this degree. Pick an original and hypothetical sporting event that you will be involved with in your ideal future career. As you pick this event, consider that you will have to thoroughly plan this event including marketing, risk management, budgets, and other areas covered in future modules. For this final project draft, you will be choosing an event and beginning the primary stages of planning based on the information you have learned thus far. Your draft should include, but is not limited to, the event bidding process, the facility/location of the event and rationale for the selection, and the basic outline of what the event will entail. The more complete your draft, the less work you will have during Module 8, allowing you to focus on revisions and elaborations.

For this draft you will write 1-2 pages per module that provides an idea of the direction your final paper will take.
A general outline.
List of outside sources—this will indicate the nature of the sources you are using to solidify your ideas; use APA format to document sources.
Topics for Your Draft
Venue Overview
Event Bidding

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