Modern History

Legislative Issues
September 10, 2019
Nursing Discussion Essay
September 10, 2019

2-1 Discussion:
Both Parts need to be completed. DO not choose what you want to complete OR it will be send back for revision
Part I:
After perusing this module’s textbook reading, you should have a sense of the impact of public health on the progress of societies and mankind.
Some interventions throughout modern history stand out as especially important. Your task is to select the one that has had the most impact on public health and explain why your choice is really the biggest.
As you answer the “why” question, consider how widespread the innovation reached, the forward leap it was for mankind, and the foundation it laid for further progress.
Post your original message including the public health milestone that had the most impact and why.

Part II-
Read others’ posts and respond to at least two, pointing out areas of agreement or disagreement (including why you feel this way), plus any particularly convincing arguments your peers have made for their choices.