Ulta Beauty: PR Campaign Objectives, Strategies, & Tactics

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September 9, 2019
Healthcare Finance
September 9, 2019

There are three parts to this assignment: objectives, strategies, and tactics.

1. Develop a set of three to five objectives you think your company should use in accomplishing its goal(s) and, thus, solving the Core Problem. Make sure that each objective meets all of the criteria below:

2. Strategies – Develop your campaign strategies for your chosen client designed to reach each of its key publics.

3. Tactics – Now that you have your strategies determined, identify the specific campaign tactics you plan to use. Remember that each strategy should have specific tactics developed to support it.

This assignment must include an introduction and persuasive discussion of your strategies and tactics. Develop the content of your paper as you would a proposal or pitch to your client so that they have a clear understanding of your recommendations and why these are being proposed.

I’ve attached the document that contains my core problem for Ulta and the Key Public and Messages. Please write 1 to 2 strategies and tactics for each key public.

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