Writing a Report

Quality Improvement Proposal
September 8, 2019
Rationality Test
September 8, 2019

Reviewing Chapter 3, “what it Takes to Write a Report” (p. 17 – 35). Then read: “Police Reporting”, An essay on what it takes to complete a fair and thorough report. Once you have a solid understanding of the article’s message, address the following question. First, identify the three different aspects of writing a report identified in this paper. Second, from your perspective, identify a consistent theme found in good reporting. Third, and finally, summarize the importance and value of police reports provided by the author.

Your original post is to be at least a full paragraph long (5-7 sentences) and filled with valuable, related content as well as concepts. Thoughtfully address the question(s) posted for the selected activity demonstrating critical thinking and problem solving skills while effectively using key terms and concepts of the relevant readings.
Two additional replies are required to other students; each reply is to be about a paragraph long. “I agree” type of sentences do not count toward your valuable content/sentences. Bring additional ideas to the table, share experiences, advice, or new viewpoints. It is worth a total of 10 points (5 per each reply).
For incorrect writing style (spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization errors), 10% of the total score (2 points) may be deducted

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