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September 8, 2019
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September 8, 2019

Locate 2 websites that contain information relative to aging.
• The first website must be the site of a legitimate organization (governmental agency, church, or other private organization) that is providing services for the elderly.
• The second website may be a medical site or another site that is focused on providing information about health issues faced by the elderly.
For each site, complete the Website Evaluation Form that is attached below. In addition to scoring the sites, write a short narrative/summary about each one.
• For the first website, describe the way an elderly person could access and use the services offered.
• For the second website, include at least one major area of information that could be useful to an elderly person. Describe how the content area (e.g., heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, exercise & aging, etc.) is presented and how an elderly person could use the information.
Begin the summary at the bottom of the Website Evaluation Form. The summary may go onto a second page, if necessary, but must equal no more than 1 page).

***the evaluation form as specified is below****
Website Evaluation Form
Your name:
Site number (indicate 1 or 2):
Website URL:
Website title (at the top of the home page):
On a scale of 1–10, with 10 being highest, rank the following:
_____1. Is the design of the site pleasant to view?
_____2. Is the site designed so that it is efficient for you to navigate?
_____3. Is the site designed so that an elderly person could navigate it?
_____4. Is the content of the site easy to understand?
_____5. Is the content of the site factual?
_____6. Would the content of the site be helpful to an aging person?
_____7. Can you tell who is responsible for the authorship of the site? If so, who?
_____8. Does it seem as though the authors are credible? Why or why not?
_____9. Are links available to other sites? If so, are they working links to reliable sites?
_____10. Overall impression
Total score (out of 100): _________________
Provide your narrative here (1 page maximum):

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