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September 8, 2019
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September 8, 2019

TED Talks position paper
As technology becomes a larger part of our school day, the forward thinking teacher seamlessly integrates its use into their classroom. Watch one of the three videos included in the Canvas shell regarding the use of technology in classrooms. Once you have watched the video:
1. Summarize the video, including the speaker’s stance on technology;
2. Provide your opinion of the video, including your agreement or disagreement of the speaker’s opinion;
3. Assess the current use of technology used in your classroom, including how much time students spend on the technology in your classroom (or computer lab) and what programs they are using;
4. Discuss at least one idea you have to increase the use of technology in your classroom as part of the instructional environment. This idea cannot be an established program already used in your classroom or school (for example, Study Island, i-Ready, Accelerated Math).
TED Talk videos to choose from:
Do Schools Create Creativity?

How Art, Technology, and Design Inform Creative Leaders

Summary of video (minimum one paragraph, includes title of TED Talks video and speaker)
10.0 pts
Student’s opinion of video (minimum two paragraphs)
10.0 pts
Description of technology in student’s classroom (minimum two paragraphs)
10.0 pts
Description of plan to increase use of technology in classroom (minimum three paragraphs)
15.0 pts
Correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure
15.0 pts
Total Points: 60.0

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