Expressing Your Ideas for an Academic Audience and Plan for Additional Research
September 8, 2019
Realism Response Essay
September 8, 2019

Write a 2-page response to the QSR 1 question (or any other one that interests you) for Berger’s “Ways of Seeing.” The QSR will undergo plagiarism review through Unicheck. Reminder that it is due by the beginning of class, submitted here on Canvas.


15.0 pts
Full Marks
Good attempt at the QSR, showing effective discussion of the issue and engagement with the material; includes adequate support and development (says something), and MLA in-text citation giving credit to quotes, summaries and paraphrases of the textual material.

8.0 pts
Partial Credit
Solid attempt at the discussion, showing engagement with the material, but may be too short or lack development or may have beens submitted late (beyond the one free late submission).

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