Persistent conventions and one free-thinking pharaoh

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September 8, 2019
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1. First begin by searching the book or the internet for two free-standing figures, two paintings or two reliefs from ancient Egyptian conventions for 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional or relief figures. Compare the two for style similarities they share. Remember to concentrate on style, not subject similarities in your descriptions.

2. Then, in a substantial paragraph, discuss the style qualities the pair share and describe the style conventions as you see them.
•how are humans rendered and does the social
status of the figure make a difference in the
3. Your next step is to introduce one work produced during the time of Akhenaten. Analyze your sample style.
•discuss, in one paragraph, how artistic
conventions were altered during the reign of
King Akhenaten. Address what you feel may be
explanation for this deviation from traditional

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