Describe an Artwork

Searching and recording the crime scene
September 7, 2019
Rough Draft Quantitative Research Critique and Ethical Considerations
September 8, 2019

Select an artwork from the chapter. Describe in vivid descriptive specifics of the appearance of the artwork.Provide citation when applying research information to your statement. You need a works cited list at the end of your journal entry.

Below I will attach some art work for you to choose from. Only focus on one of them

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Describe an Artwork
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•Two bison, reliefs in the cave at Le Tuc d’Audoubert, France
•Rhinoceros, wounded man, and disemboweled bison, painting in the well of the cave at Lascaux, France
•Presentation of offerings to Inanna (Warka Vase), from the Inanna temple complex, Uruk (modern Warka), Iraq, ca. 3200–3000 BCE.

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