Education Essay prompts

Education Essay
September 7, 2019
Education Questions
September 7, 2019

Please respond to question(s) below. Your response, should be at minimum three double-spaced pages in 12 font of Times New Romans .

Website – (Links to an external site.)

Purposes for Students –

· to develop a more thorough understanding of differentiated reading instruction

· to become aware of the necessity of reading diagnosis in differentiated reading instruction

· to consider a variety of examples of grouping practices used to effectively differentiate reading instruction

· to expose students to another resource for information about reading instruction, the Reading Rockets website

Procedures –

Go to the reading Rockets website select one of three recommended articles about differentiated reading instruction:

a) An Example of the 90-Minute Reading Block

b) Grouping Students Who Struggle with Reading

c) Differentiated Classroom Structures for Literacy Instruction

4. Read the article thoroughly and write responses to the following prompts:

o What are the key elements of differentiated reading instruction? (Provide three bulleted points.)

o What teacher preparation is needed to implement differentiated reading instruction? (Provide three bulleted points.)

o What are some effective grouping strategies for differentiated reading instruction? (Provide four bulleted points.)

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