Case Study MBA

Finding Reliable Information on the Internet Paper
September 7, 2019
Health Insurance Exchange
September 7, 2019

1. Define the problem
State, in one or two sentences, what you see as the problem in the case. Do NOT start stating background of the organization; do NOT summarize information from the case.
You must focus on a specific problem.

2. Gather pertinent facts – list the facts that relate only to the problem statement.
This is your one chance to state facts from the case.

3. Develop/propose at least 3 alternative solutions – list all the ways that the problem could be dealt with in order to bring about a solution.
In other words, in this step, you are to simply list–NOT comment on possible solutions to the problem, whether you agree with them or not.
Give the options.

4. Analyze/evaluate 2 pros and cons of each alternative solution–
List each solution again.
However this time, under each separate solution, list the pros and
cons (pluses and minuses) of the solution.

5. Make a decision and defend your choice–make a statement of your decision (one of the previously stated alternative solutions),
i.e., the alternative solution that emerges, based upon your analysis,
as the best.
This is your decision. State your reason(s) for choosing this alternative
solution for implementation as your decision (in essence, back up your

6. Evaluating your decision and Feedback – For this section, briefly outline how and when you would evaluate the results. This is one or two sentences.

IMPORTANT: You must follow the steps above. Do NOT summarize the case. Do NOT do any outside research. Do NOT include personal experiences that are not covered in the case

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