Building A Personal Online Presence

September 7, 2019
Ethics Policies
September 7, 2019

Throughout this course you will use various tools to create a personal online presence. For your final Portfolio Project, you will present the steps you have taken to build that presence and your personal brand.

As you begin your Portfolio Project, review this article in Communication World, titled “Building your personal brand (Links to an external site.).” It will help you to understand the concept of “personal brand” and give you advice about a strategy to use for creating yours.

The following Milestones will be submitted to build towards this final project: (Note: If selecting Option 1 in this module, you will complete the Milestones and Portfolio Project for Option 1 throughout the course.)

Module 2: Creating a LinkedIn Profile
Module 4: Creating a Blog
Module 5: Creating a Social Media Infographic
Module 7: Planning for a PLN or PLE
In Week 8, you will prepare a 20-25 slide presentation (not including the required cover slide and a reference slide) that details your individual professional online presence. NOTE: You prepare the presentation in PowerPoint, then Save As a PDF file to submit it. Your slide presentation must include the following:

A description of your brand.
An explanation of strategies you have employed to develop that brand using social media tools.
Links to and images of the tools you chose:
Your LinkedIn account
Your blog
The infographic you created for a blog post.
Your plan for creating an PLN or PLE.
A discussion of legal and ethical issues regarding your personal online presence and how to resolve these issues.
An explanation of the next steps you will take to further develop your personal brand and build your professional online presence. Include support for these steps based on best practices using a minimum of three scholarly sources. The CSU-Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to locate these sources.
An explanation of how you will monitor and measure the effectiveness of your online presence.
You may use PowerPoint or an online slide presentation tool. Be sure to include for your instructor any necessary information for accessing your presentation. Follow the CSU-Global Visual Presentation Tips guidelines at (Links to an external site.).

Your presentation must be professional in design and academic in writing. Your citations and references must be written according to the requirements in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

Submit your Portfolio Project presentation file to your instructor as a PDF file; use the Save As feature in PowerPoint to create the PDF. Review the rubric for this project in the Module 8 Materials folder for specific grading criteria.