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September 7, 2019
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September 7, 2019

Article Reflection #1
Assigned Article: The Impact of Sleep on Learning and Behavior in Adolescents by Georgios Mitru, Daniel Millrood, and Jason Metieka
Article Reflections: The goal of these articles is to expose the student to empirical application of concepts and theories presented in the lessons. Each article reflection will require the student to respond to a series of questions related to issues raised in the reading. It should be about 3 pages long.
Answer the following questions:
What is the circadian rhythm in relation to sleep and how does this change during adolescence? Think back on your own adolescence: What was your preferred time to go to bed each night and wake up in the morning? Was it significantly different than when you were a child? If so, why? If not, why not? What does the article suggest could be the reason for this shift?
If you had to guess, how much sleep do you think you got on average each week night during your high school experience? Did you feel it was enough or were you often tired the next day? How did you feel and what impact did it have on your school day? Did you find yourself using any strategies to make it through the day? What does the article say about the amount of sleep adolescents are getting and the results of lack of sleep?
Name 3 main causes of sleeplessness outlined by the authors in the article. Then, provide examples from your personal experience during your secondary education related to these three causes. Did your personal examples support the suggestions of the authors? How, or why not?
Finally, what is one suggestion the authors give to try and reduce the lack of sleep experienced by many adolescents? What are some of the reported student and teacher perceptions of this strategy? What would be some potential complications with applying this nationally? Can you think of any other strategies that could be used to help increase the amount of sleep for teens?
Make sure to cite all sources in APA style with a reference sections and in text citations