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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

I have completed an Analysis Essay of Campus Rhetoric, and my instructor asking to revise and remediate my argument from the first essay Analysis of Campus Rhetoric. I want you to revise, remediate, and focus on my thesis statement when you work on my order and then use rhetorical skills through a medium beyond the written essay as required.

This my instructor feedback: Instructor feedback: This is an interesting essay. You present a number of engaging claims about the Oval as a rhetorical artifact. I think this paper could be improved by providing a more focused thesis that outlines the main points of the essay. These main points need to be well-developed and supported by evidence. Overall, interested in seeing how you revise and remediate this argument later in the course.

I want you to improve my thesis and improve my writing in general. Please note that I don’t ask you to create a new essay, but I need you to improve my work. you can apply on the essay using “Remediated Rhetorical Analysis”.